Creativity has come full circle

creating cherries

Quick sketches and ideas starting to accumulate for our next exciting project


Since we are all able to get back to life again, I don’t want it to go to crazy speed again, filling my time with unnecessary travel and general stuff. I have decided to get organised and prioritise my work, which is basically creating. So with several projects on the go, I have started creating a capsule collection for SS2022 which will be beautifully handcrafted garments made/printed with low impact dyes only here as usual in the Uk. I am so excited about this as it is the way I started my brand. I remember being in Greece and staying at our hotel was the then prime minister David Cameron. I wanted to rant at him about the terrible state of manufacturing in the UK, I couldn’t even get any denim manufactured here and our factories were closing down left right and centre. But at least that is happening now (only a decade or more later!).



I have taken the time to start an art instagram page as I have always painted and of course with all my prints, feel free to follow, or even recommend an nhs free portrait.

And updated my blog here about my proactive work against domestic abuse;

Love Conquers all

Working on some new and exciting art productions for a short film in November, all will be revealed.

keep creating:)